Sunday, 28 October 2012

from theory into practice...

So having reflected last week about a growing conviction surrounding our experience of Church, I thought I would consider the actual practice from first hand involvement today. The YF and I were given the task of organising both morning and evening services. A great deal of thought, effort and prayer went into this and the response from the church family was greatly encouraging. So what have I learned from this busy, sometimes stressful, but ultimately rewarding, day?

Seek meaning not perfection
I have been brought to appreciate that our task is not one of creating a perfect service, but of crafting a meaningful service. My default is to want everything to go without a hitch. I made mistakes today. I guess other people did too. But this is makes what we do believable. That must be worth more than clever organisation and delivery.

Strive to be innovative and creative
I love the story of Walt Disney who was once pulled up by his teacher for drawings of flowers all of which had faces and therefore a sense of personality. “Flowers don’t have faces”, she said. Walt Disney replied, “Mine do!” Innovation and creativity move us from a 2-D experience to a multi-dimensional approach to church.

Submit to the Holy Spirit
I recognised the importance of being flexible. Parts of the programme had to be adapted and changed. There was an awareness of the need to be open to the Spirit to direct in unexpected ways.

One snapshot has captured the entire day. A church member approached me at the end of the morning service and, with tears in her eyes, thanked me for the way it had helped her and given a lot to think about.
Therefore, the attitude that is uppermost in my heart as I look back on today is one of gratitude.
- Gratitude that I work with an outstanding group of young people.
- Gratitude that we are given the opportunity to bless others in Jesus’ name.

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