Monday, 22 October 2012


1. The central or most important part of a country, area, or field of activity.
2. The centre of support for a belief or movement.

I have always found that the word "heartland" has an emotive ring to it. I'm taken in my imagination to people and places that are most important in life. The aim of this blog is to explore some of that terrain. I may find myself reflecting on youth ministry...the Bible...the story of the church...the high places of Scotland...In anyone of these locations I know I am very close to the heart and centre of existence…

I am also conscious that people are bombarded with information, articles and features today. I want to make a commitment to simple, short and concise blogs (400 words max!) that will hopefully give the opportunity to reflect on a key idea.

I trust that what I write will be helpful in the mix!

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